Ask Sensei

Hey penguins!

I picked up the newspaper and could not find Aunt Arctic, so I went to her page and found out this month Sensei will be answering your questions! If you guys have any questions about the Dojo and ninjas Sensei is there to tell you the answers! I am going to try to ask him about snow ninjas, are you going to write to Sensei?


Rare Puffle Hats

Hi penguins 🙂

I was waddling around CP when I saw an odd puffle hat.

I did some investigating and I found out it was not in the CP catalog. Then I found out it was a puffle toy code. I don’t think I like that hat but I found some others and I really liked them.

Quick post, thanks for listening


Hey penguins!

I was fooling around on CP when I clicked buy a membership (I know I already have one) and I was brought to the page. I was looking at the prices and realized they went up! CP membership didn’t used to cost almost a fortune! Look at the prices!

I am pretty sure a monthly membership used to cost 3.95

Is money all CP cares about any more?

Puffle Launch App


I was playing on my iPod when I thought, why don’t I get the Puffle Launch App? So I bought it and found out it was a rip-off. Why? It is extremely hard, it is not fun, and it is nothing like the Puffle Launch game on CP. I think the game might have been more fun if I was playing it on an iPad though because part of the reason I couldn’t pass the first level is because my screen is to small for it.Whatever, so I just wanted to warn you guys you should only download the app on something with a large screen. If I were you I wouldn’t buy it at all, but that is your decision.

PS Did you guys notice how many problems are going on with the new friends list? I have had zero friends for a while.


Hello penguins!

The Halloween party recently passed and it is back to normal CP, but normal CP won’t last very long. Why, you might ask, because CP is throwing a Card Jitsu party on November the 24th!! I am not sure, but I think Sensei is going to introduce Snow Card Jitsu during the party. How cool would that be? I know that if Snow Card Jitsu coming to CP I will be one of the first snow ninjas and tell you guys how  I did it and how to play the game. Plus CP’s new game Pufflescape is finally completed! You can play it in the pet shop.

Hello world!

Hey penguins,

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